Barracuda Point in Malaysia

Barracuda Point is a notable diving spot located off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia. Its main feature is a barracuda shoal where thousands of blacktail or chevron barracudas can be seen swimming in a tornado-like formation.

Divers start at the drop off point where they go down a sheer wall. The mild current brings in food that attracts underwater life. The undersea creatures found lurking in the area include:

  • Redtooth triggerfish
  • Schooling bannerfish
  • Dogtooth tuna
  • Grey reef sharks
  • Orbicular batfish
  • Giant trevally
  • Bigeye trevally
  • Stocky anthias
  • Clown triggerfish

After going down the wall, divers will find themselves in a sloping plateau where they may be able to witness the much sought after barracuda tornado. While the barracuda is endemic in the area, there may be instances when divers will not get the chance to witness the barracudas swimming in a tornado-like fashion. Despite this, divers can still look forward to seeing numerous barracudas lurking or stealthily swimming in the area.

Getting to Barracuda Point

The dive spot is located around two to three minutes off the main beach of Sipadan Island in Sabah. It can be reached through a boat ride. The spot has a dive depth of around twenty meters and has a very good fish variety.

In addition to the fish, the dive spot also has a notable number of soft and hard corals, including:

Barracuda Point has been consistently listed as one of the top five best diving spots in the world due to its rich underwater life and its main feature of the vortex of barracudas known to be seen in the area.  Divers should be careful not to go too far north of the site since the currents may become too strong and they may be swept downwards away from the island.

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