Great Blue Hole in Belize

The Great Blue Hole is a giant underwater sinkhole found off the coast of Belize. The hole, which can be view from a good fishing chair, was formed after a limestone cave system collapsed thousands of years ago creating a hole 300 meters wide and 124 meters deep.

The Great Blue Hole is surrounded by a coral reef and can be accessed through two channels. The reef itself is a good place for snorkelers since it is only a few feet deep. Here one can see:

  • Club finger corals
  • Eikhorn
  • Anemones

The Great Blue Hole is only for experienced divers since it requires them to have good control over their buoyancy and may be overwhelming to new divers. The north side of the hole has a number of stalactite formations at a depth of around 40 meters. The south side has a shallow cave system of around 30 meters with stalactites along the side of the wall.

Since light does not penetrate deep into the hole, underwater life is limited to algae, sea plants and feather duster worms. Going up from the Hole, divers may see bull sharks and Caribbean reef sharks swimming up as well. The coral reef surrounding the hole is home to a number of underwater life, including:

  • Neon gobies
  • Pederson’s cleaner shrimps
  • Angelfish
  • Butterfly fish

Things to Know

It is important to stay close to the walls as possible when diving into the Great Blue Hole since divers can be easily disoriented due to the absence of changes in temperature and current inside the hole. Due to the depth of the dive, it will be necessary to ascend slowly to offload the nitrogen absorbed by the body. The Great Blue Hole has been consistently in the top ten lists of the best dive spots in the world. It has also been in the bucket list of many experienced divers around the world.

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