Hello. We’re Marc and Aiden. We have been journeying to the best dive sites worldwide including Bahamas, Hawaii, and Mexico in pursuit of adventure. And there are more on our bucket list. Ever since we were young, we always wanted to explore the hidden treasures the ocean floor has to offer. Now grown up, we are finally able to turn that dream into a reality.

I have taken this hobby because it makes my existence on Earth more unravelling. Every dive I make brings me one step closer to our goal – to make close and personal encounters of all gigantic and teeny-weeny creatures of the ocean. I have witnessed the uniqueness of each expedition and want to impart these to our followers.

Marc, who has been my comrade since day one, is the best buddy I have. He makes all executions as easy as pie. He has been diving professionally for a couple of years now and he shared his expertise to me, and now, to the rest of you. He also loves taking pictures and has loads of them. Every place we’ve been to and every wonder we’ve seen have been fully documented.

Now, we’d like to share our one and a hundred sea adventures to everyone. We are excited to keep you updated of the wonders of the world – under the ocean.  Swim with us as we unfold the mystery of life underwater, taking actual scenic pictures and videos of every challenge, which will leave you in awe!